About Us

We are a high-quality provider and retailer of holistic healing and Vaastu products. At affordable pricing, our products are available in both the domestic and global markets. Additionally, we also work with small gift items.

The Vastu Store has a showroom where it displays a range of products in Tardeo, Mumbai (India). Our ability to satisfy customers both in India and across the world is a mark of our success.

According to Vastu, particular crystals are placed in precise locations around the home to achieve the desired result. Each crystal has a certain quality that is exclusive to it and vibrates at its own theme and frequency. Additionally, every person responds to crystals differently, so it’s critical to pick the one that aligns with your energy, supports you, and compliments you. These crystals are used in accordance with the directions, including North, South, East, and West, as well as their subsets. Vastu is a science that deals with directions and the energy that enters through them. By strategically placing certain stones, they seek to draw attention toward the desired result.

Vastu is a source of tranquilly, power, wealth, and health.
It brings serenity, success, and health into your home and place of employment.
Vastu science makes sure that your house and office are in harmony with the five elements and directions, which is one of its major benefits. This further gives us all we want for a contented and fruitful existence. When your life is going well, you’ll feel strong, in control, and self-assured.
Vastu is therefore undoubtedly all about strength—both in the physical and mental senses. Vastu certainly offers a wealth of information about it.
Vastu is a tool that can be used to lead a happy and prosperous life. Loss and pain are inevitable, but one may always develop coping mechanisms and find solace in them.
Vastu improves the flow of good energy and aligns your life with the five elements. Your level of comfort however will improve when you and your home or place of business are in harmony with the five elements and geographical directions.