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Seven Chakra Tree

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Seven Chakra Tree

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  • You can harness the healing powers of the 7 Chakra tree. The 7-chakra tree is made of these 7 semi-precious stone chips. Each tree is hand-crafted with 300 chips.
    i. Amethyst: Increases psychic abilities and opens intuition (Crown Chakra)
    ii. Clear Crystal: Also known as the Master Healer, this crystal will boost energy and thoughts (Third-eye Chakra)
    iii. Lapis Lazuli: Stabilizes the throat chakra’s energies (Throat Chakra)
    iv. Green Aventurine: Brings the Mind, Body, and Spirit into Harmony (Heart Chakra)
    Citrine: Provides inner strength and courage (Solar Plexus)
    vi. Carnelian: Replaces emotional negativity with love (Sacral Chakra)
    vii. Red Jasper: Our physical and spiritual energy’s foundation (Root Chakra)


  • The seven chakras are distinct energy centres in the body that run from the top of your head to the bottom of your spine.
  • They influence everything from emotional processing to disease resistance in your body. It is a proven fact that Crystals and Human Beings have been linked for centuries, with the logic being that both were created by Mother Earth.
  • Chips can be used in a variety of ways, including carrying them in your pocket or purse, placing them under your pillow, placing them on your relevant chakras while sleeping straight, meditating with them, putting them in a glass of drinking water, taking a shower in a tub filled with matching stones, and wearing them as a pendant or jewelry.


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