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Citrine Chips[50g]

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Citrine Chips[50g]

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  • Citrine is a unique gem for people since it radiates positive energy into one’s current situation with its variant yellow shine.
  • It secures the emission and increases the amount of light surrounding the body. It is a charm for people who struggle with self-confidence and instability in daily life. Its vitality enters the centre, modifies the buried conviction, and bestows upon you an unearthly and genuine plenty.
  • There are several uses for citrine chips. It is used by architects in their job for better results.
  • These chips are used to make trees. numerous more goods, including bracelets, frames, and pendants.
  • NOTE: If you want to order 150g. Click ADD to CART, and update Quantity to 3 (50g X 3 = 150g)


  • Citrine is referred to as the Merchant’s Stone or the Success Stone.
  • It’s challenging, which aids in both acquiring abundance and maintaining it.
  • It is a stone of plenty. It attracts adulation, joy, and acts as a deterrent against want and contempt.
  • You benefit greatly from this stone when using your transporter. Citrine expels unfavorable thoughts from the native’s mind.
  • It has innated spiritual qualities that encourage a happy outlook and lessen depression in the wearer’s life.
  • It promotes psychic development with improved clarity and self-assurance. Everyone’s life is said to be made happier by the joyful bright stone.
  • It releases anger, unpleasant feelings, deeply rooted dread, destructive tendencies, and is excellent for overcoming darkness.

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