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Citrine Pyramid

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Citrine Pyramid

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A pyramid is a sacred geometric form that gathers energy from the cosmos and focuses it before directing it toward us through the top.
Despite being extremely rare nowadays, citrine has been discovered naturally all over the world. There have been discoveries found in Kazakhstan, Madagascar, and the Russian Ural Mountains, among other places.
Genuine citrine is mostly imported from Brazil, the United States, and Russia.
Citrine works best as a wealth remedy in your money area.
Light yellow or warm brown are often the colours of natural citrine.
Citrine pieces can be placed in various locations of your office or home, and these stones will generate a strong energy grid there.
Place a piece of citrine, money, or other items in your desk.

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  • Due to its abilities to enhance the amount of money in the bank account, CITRINE is also known as the Merchant’s Stone.
  • Citrine helps people keep their riches as well as acquire it.
  • It is a stone of abundance and manifestation, inviting success and all good things like money and prosperity.
  • Additionally, it promotes kindness and spreading good fortune.
  • Citrine is excellent in all quick money endeavours, but it is particularly beneficial in financial speculating and in achieving commercial success.
  • To draw money in and reduce excessive outflow, keep one in your pocket or purse.
  • Citrine crystals are unquestionably among the most effective minerals you can use to attract money.
  • This crystal emits gentle yet strongly persuading vibrations and represents the energy of the sun.
  • The stone promotes letting go.

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