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Citrine Tumble [50g]

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Citrine Tumble [50g]

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  • A premier stone of manifestation, creativity, and willpower is natural citrine. It is warm and reassuring, stimulating, and life-giving since it carries the power of the sun.
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  • Like the spring sun, it opens the chakras, bringing clarity and igniting the soul.
  • Its frequency stimulates imagination and creativity and supports the process of giving aspirations and ambitions concrete form.
  • Citrine promotes the richness of life, new beginnings, and new endeavors with its bright golden energy.
  • NOTE: If you want to order 150g. Click ADD to CART, and update Quantity to 3 (50g X 3 = 150g)


  • Natural Citrine tumbled stones, placed where the light falls on them, clear unfriendly energies from a space. Bracelets and tumble lockets are made from tumbles.
  • Citrine stone meaning harnesses the energy of the sun to bring light and sunshine into all aspects of your life.
  • Keeping this stone nearby will assist you in keeping your environment and energy bright and sunny.
  • When you are full of positive energy, you can connect to your inner light more easily and bring a sense of optimism to your endeavours.

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