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Dolphin Bottle Holder

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Dolphin Bottle Holder

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  • An adorable dolphin made of strong polyresin materials adorns this holder. It will keep your valuable cargo, vases, and bottles safe from harm’s way in your home.
  • They give the impression of being held up by a dolphin, which is a sight to behold.
  • It is very light and easy to store. It has an elegant and classy appearance that adds to the beauty of any valuable item that this dolphin will protect.
  • The blue and grey colour is simply a reflection of the sea wave and tide.


  • Dolphins are the most intelligent and sociable sea creatures. Having a dolphin as a spirit animal means having qualities such as fun, joy, teamwork, family, and community, as well as humans, because dolphins are a friendly sea creature full of joy and love.
  • As guides and protectors, they have been a valuable aid to lost seafaring merchants. They are also excellent communicators, capable of conversing with both their own species and other fish. As a result, the dolphin is a useful symbol for when you feel you need some extra help and guidance when everything appears to be lost.


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