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Lapis Lazuli Chips[50g]

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Lapis Lazuli Chips[50g]

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  • The energies in this stone can transform any negative energy into a positive one, which is advantageous to everyone who wears it.
  • Especially if your route to wealth and success has been stressful and full of unforeseen obstacles, lapis lazuli chips also aid in maintaining your composure. Your ability to solve certain challenges and the best ones to tackle will become clearer.
  • To attract the type of money we desire into our lives, we occasionally need to go with the flow. In structures dating back to the Mughal era, lapis lazuli chips were frequently employed for architectural and ornamental purposes. can make you feel secure enough to carry out this action.
  • NOTE: If you want to order 150g. Click ADD to CART, and update Quantity to 3 (50g X 3 = 150g)


  • Lapis lazuli, commonly known as “lapis,” has been utilised by humans for many years as a gemstone, pigment, material for sculpture, and for ornamentation.
  • You will find numerous types of stone in this blue metamorphic rock. The more expensive the stone, the higher its quality, and the most popular selections have a deep, strong hue of blue.
  • Lapis lazuli is not a mineral, unlike the majority of gemstones. It is actually a rock made up of many minerals. Lazurite, a silicate mineral from the sodalities group that contributes significantly to the stone’s blue hue, is present in the stone.

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