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Lapis Lazuli Mala

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Lapis Lazuli Mala

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  • One of the historic gemstones with therapeutic qualities is lapis lazuli.
  • The royal family members and mystics were both huge fans of the stone.
    The wearer can gain from this stone in many ways, whether it be the stone’s peaceful energy that imparts information or accessing the third chakra
  • Each mala has 108 beads,8mm each in size.


Psychological healing is one of the most significant properties of this stone. As it is believed to be a symbol of wisdom and truth, it creates self-awareness and helps you follow the path of truth. It encourages you to be honest, compassionate, faithful, and to suppress anger. It also helps in improving and utilizing one’s abilities and gives a clearer perspective to various things. It is considered to aid emotional healings.


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