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  • The flamingo is a brilliant pink bird with a striking profile that has long captured the imagination of writers and artists.
  • This stunning bird is actually a collection of six different species and was given its name for its “flaming” colourful plumage.
  • The distinctive features of this flamingo species are its vivid pink colour, long, slender legs, thick bill that curves downward, long neck, and proclivity to feed on small crustaceans.
  • These pink birds will add colour and beauty to your home, enhancing its appeal.


  • Typically, flamingos stand on one leg with the other tucked under the body. It is unclear why this conduct is occurring.
  • Given that they spend a lot of time wading in chilly water, one idea holds that the birds can retain more body heat by standing on one leg.
  • The activity, however, also occurs in warm water and has been noted in birds that don’t generally stand in water.
  • An other explanation is that using one leg to balance and stand minimises the energy required to produce that muscular exertion.
  • While living flamingos exhibit far reduced body sway in a one-legged position, a study on cadavers revealed that the one-legged configuration may be maintained without any muscle activity.


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