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Selenite Angel

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Selenite Angel

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  • Selenite is an old crystal, yet despite that, it is one of the most potent for the new vibration of earth that is tuned to the welfare of all living things.
  • The use of selenite angel is a lovely way to connect with one’s Light Body, ground it, and access higher levels of Self. It is particularly useful for fostering telepathic connections between like-minded individuals and is quite helpful at advancing the intellect and mental abilities.
  • Selenite is said to be able to store information inside its structure and is best employed in telepathy by having one person beam a thought or message into the crystal, which can then be attuned to and recovered by another person.


  • Some people find it valuable to use crystals as tools to help them better connect with God and his angels in prayer or meditation.
  • That’s because crystals contain energy that may help attract or magnify the energy that angels project.
  • Selenite is ideal for all forms of energy purification. It is one of the rare minerals that has the speedy capacity to release negative energy and unblock stagnant energy.
  • Selenite stones also significantly multiply any energy that is applied to them. Lay your crystals on your Selenite Cleansing Plate for a minimum of 6 hours to cleanse or revive them.
  • The ability of selenite to magnify and amplify the energy of anything placed upon it is one of its healing abilities.


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