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Tiger Eye Tower

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Tiger Eye Tower

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  • The stone of bravery, strength, and defense is tiger’s eye. It gives us the capacity to continue to exert influence and power in this material realm. Additionally, tiger’s eye can drive away harmful energy and offer protection from the evil eye.
    It is a stone of vigor and health.
  • Tiger Eye is a protective stone that also has the potential to bring luck to the user. It has the ability to bring the mind into focus, fostering mental clarity and supporting us in solving issues without being influenced by our emotions.
  • Tiger Tower is a sturdy stone that can assist you with the fundamental requirements for survival and improves your ability to function during trying circumstances. The tiger eye tower is utilized by reiki healers and for meditation.


  • If you wish to increase your courage, critical thinking, and self-assurance, the golden tiger’s eye can help.
    Additionally, it will support a commercial transaction’s emotional and intellectual balance. The root chakra and solar plexus chakra can also be balanced with golden tiger’s eye.
  • It has a lot of emotional healing abilities and can keep the user strong, grounded, and centered despite the chaos around them.
  • The tiger’s eye stone will pierce through any emotional blockages and make you feel more enthusiastic. You may make room in your life for this stone if you lay a solid and secure foundation, absorb up the sun’s warmth, and channel energy in the right direction.


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